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The Afterschool program at Csobánka village was founded in 2012 by several members of the Wonderworkshop Association and other local civil actors. The tutoring of the disadvantaged students started from an old unheated room, exclusively with the help of civil actors. In the first year there were around 3 volunteers and 10 students in the program. Most of the afterschool students are belonging to the local Karpatian Roma community. Their disadvantages are stemming from the low levels of education of their parents, poor housing counditions and low socio-economic status of their families. They live in a segregated area at the end of the village. 

The aim of our program is to support students with educational difficulties, help them improve their competecies and talents. In addition, our goal is to promote the social integration of disadvantaged families in Csobánka. To achieve all these goals, we have developed and implemented a complex pedagogical program. The basis of the complex pedagogical program is the creation of an environment where the children feel comfortable to come from week to week. The pedagogical goal of our afterschool is to reinforce children’s self-confidence in learning to give them a chance to realize their future plans and to achieve the best results in school based on their abilities.

In September 2013, the Csepp Esélyegyenlőségi Alapítvány (Drop Foundation for Equality) offered funding to the afterschool, providing rental costs for the building, travel expenses for volunteers, equipment costs, and summer camping opportunities. The management and coordination of the program was carried out by volunteers. Our association was founded together with the local families and the volunteers of the afterschool to support the work at the afterschool, expand the resources available and to broaden our scope of activities. 

The number of students and volunteers has been increasing year by year, the 2018/19 school year started with the participation of nearly 40 students and 20 volunteers. One of the greatest successes of our program is that students and volunteers form a strong community, which motivates them to come together at the afterschool week after week. This community has an important identification force for both volunteers and students and it forms the basis of  a good working relationship in between them.

The afterschool is managed by our Association since December 2018 while the Csepp Esélyegyenlőségi Alapítvány remains the main supporters of our program.

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