Mother’s group

We continue the Mesélő Anyák (Story Telling mothers, funded by the Roma Education Fund) project organized at the afterschool with a new name and form. The main aim of  the Story Telling mothers project was to improve literacy of the participants and to encourage them to read more fairy tales to their kids at home. The participants were given a small library of fairy tales to be able to continue with this habit in their families. From 2017 with funding received from the local Roma Self Government, we continue this program now called “Circle of Mothers” with a focus of community organizing and dissemination of information about early childhood development. The 10 mothers are meeting once a week at the afterschool, where they talk about child rearing issues with professionals that are volunteering in this program and they also engage in common activities such as preparing practical, healthy, easy-to-create meals, detergents, household ornaments or go to spend free time activities together with their small children. 

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