Meet the Wonder-team!

Csodaműhely Egyesület (Wonderworkshop Association) was established in Csobánka village in 2015 by volunteers of the Csepp Afterschool program and by the parents of the afterschool students. It was founded with the aim to promote the work at the Afterschool and to broaden its activities. The Afterschool program started in 2012, initiated by local civil volunteers and disadvantaged, Roma parents to support disadvantaged students in their studies. Since 2013, the Csepp Foundation for Equality funds the program called "CSObánkai Csepp TanoDA - CSODA", (Csepp Afterschool at Csobánka, the acronym means wonder). All activities at the Afterschool are predominantly based on volunteer work (teaching and mentoring, administration, finances, grant management, etc.). In the 2017/18 school year there were 36 students and 24 volunteers attending the Afterschool on a weekly basis. From the very begining, keeping good relations with the families, the local social-welfare institutions and the surrounding schools has been an elemental part of our work. To engage these actors in our programs more, our Association organizes: a mother's club for disadvantaged mothers with small children and trainings/workshops for volunteers and to those interested in our work. Most recently we formed a Civil Network together with social workers, schools and local civil actors to enhance the integrated education in the surrounding schools. In 2019 we would like to launch an education program for disadvantaged adults and we are planning on expanding the space of the Afterschool building as well. We are constantly seeking funding to maintain our activites. In order to continue with our ongoing projects and be able to launch the planned ones, please support our work:
Helyszín Csobánka, Hungary 2014 Fő tér 7. Csobánkai Csepp Tanoda Telefon +36304565072 Email cím Óra Tax number: 18748060-1-13 Account number:10400085-50526749-82761002 Csodaműhely Egyesület, K&H Bank H-1095, Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9. IBAN: HU70 1040 0085 5052 6749 8276 1002 SWIFT/BIC: OKHBHUHB
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